Pete's passion for collecting

In recent years, collecting sporting memoribilia has become a great passion of mine. It started back in 2001 shortly after Charlie was born, Carol and I attended an auction, mainly of signed sporting items, at a local college to raise funds for some of the teenagers to go out to Africa and do some charity work. It was a nice evening out and I really liked the idea of collecting signed sporting memoribilia whilst also helping others. I am now the proud owner of a large and varied collection.

Why do I collect things?
I have always enjoyed sport, having played football, cricket and golf. I find it a way to link my love of sport, with sporting history.


At present my collection is mainly:

  • Signed Football shirts
  • Signed Photographs
  • Programmes from sporting events
  • Signed golf balls

 Future Plans:

Hopefully in the not too distance future, I will be able to convert part of 'the garage' to a games room and be able to put some of my items on display.


Home page online
On my new website I introduce myself and my hobbies.